Say What?

Ice cream for breakfast. In February. What could be more logical? February is cold. Ice cream is cold. Breakfast is tasty. So is ice cream. So celebrate Ice Cream for Breakfast Day every year!

February is a cold, dreary month in Rochester, New York, USA. That’s why there’s Ice cream for Breakfast Day—intended to liven up the first weekend of February with something silly and sweet. Invented by a smart (or desperate) mother in Rochester, people now celebrate with a bowl of ice cream in cities and towns around the world!

Ice Cream for Breakfast Day is a holiday without rules, so even if February is the middle of summer for you it’s okay to indulge. And if you don’t get to it on the first Saturday of February, have a bowl of ice cream the next day. Or a week later. Indulge in a solitary scoop, or have a party. Add toppings, serve tofutti, have a side of bagel: it doesn’t matter as long as you’re breaking your routine and having some fun.


2 thoughts on “Say What?

  1. I am a first grade teacher in Rochester NY. I told my cooperating teacher that we should celebrate this momentous occasion with icecream for breakfast. I even thought it would be a great idea to make pancakes on a griddle. Needless to say, my partner did not quite agree. We compromised and she said she would bring icecream sandwiches on Monday morning. I am sooooo excited!!!!!! Thanks for the suggestion to celebrate a day later.
    What a great way to show our students ideas they may have can spontaneously magnify and positively affect the world around them.

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