The Story

Florence Rappaport, founder of Ice Cream for Breakfast dayFlorence J. Rappaport invented Ice Cream for Breakfast Day in Rochester, New York in 1966 or so. Back then—and even now—February is a cold month in Rochester, and Florence decided she needed to distract her two youngest children from the ice and snow. She served them ice cream for breakfast, to their delight, and ever since then they’ve celebrated Ice Cream for Breakfast Day!


Those cRuthandJoehildren spread the word about Ice Cream for Breakfast Day to friends and younger relatives, who then got the word out wherever they landed. That’s why the next time you’re in Shanghai in February, or Berlin, or Jerusalem, or New York City, you’ll find people eating ice cream for breakfast.

 We hope you’ll join!

— Ruth and Joe (those two kids from 1966) and Rebecca (their niece and Florence’s granddaughter)




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